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Dawn of Ashes First Edition

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How do I play?

This set has 3 categories: Single, Draft, and Booster Box. Selecting a category tab above will take you to a page where you can simulate opening those packs and view the individual leaderboards for that category.

Each category can only be attempted once every 10 minutes from the moment the Open Pack button is clicked. The cooldown is reduced to 2 minutes for Patreon supporters.

Set information

Including foils, the Dawn of Ashes First Edition set contains 555 cards, with 552 appearing in the set's booster packs. Each pack contains 12 cards: slot 1 is a level 1 (50%), 2 (33.3%) or 3 (16.6%) main champion; slots 2 through 8 are non-duplicate common cards; slot 9 is either a non-duplicate common card (87.2%), a foil of any rarity (12.5%), or a Collector Ultra Rare (0.28%); slots 10 and 11 are non-duplicate uncommon cards; and slot 12 either contains a rare (70.83%), super rare (25%) or ultra rare (4.17%). If a pack is lucky enough to contain a foil, there's an 87.2% chance it will be a common card, 5.65% uncommon, 3.4% rare, 1.14% super rare and 0.15% ultra rare.

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