Pack Simulator

Open digital Grand Archive booster packs and compete with others for the highest score.

Each set has multiple different categories to choose from (e.g. Single Pack and Booster Box).

There is a 10 minute cooldown before a set's category can be attempted again.

The cooldown is reduced to 2 minutes for Patreon supporters.

Choose a set

Dawn of Ashes Prelude

9 cards and 40 maximum points per pack


How are the scores calculated?

Cards from each pack are given a score based on their rarity:

Common (C)2
Lv. 1 Main Champion*1
Lv. 2 Main Champion*2
Lv. 3 Main Champion*3
Uncommon (U)6
Rare (R)10
Super Rare (SR)16
Ultra Rare (UR)30
Collector Super Rare (CSR)80
Collector Ultra Rare (CUR)100
Promo Rare (PR)16
Collector Promo Rare (CPR)32

A card's score gets doubled if it's foil.**

The overall pack score is the sum of each of the card scores.

* Foil main champions are scored as foil Common (C) cards.
** This excludes CPR, CSR and CUR which are always foil.