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Dawn of Ashes Prelude

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How do I play?

This set has 2 categories: Gold Tier, and Designer Tier.

Selecting a category tab above will take you to a page where you can simulate opening those packs and view the individual leaderboards for that category.

Set information

The Dawn of Ashes Prelude set contains 114 cards, with 55 appearing in the set's booster packs. Each pack contains 9 cards: slot 1 through 6 are non-duplicate common cards, slots 7 and 8 are non-duplicate uncommon cards, and slot 9 either contains a rare (75%) or super rare (25%). There are no foil cards in this set.

Set leaderboard

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Each category can be attempted once every 20 minutes from the moment the Open Pack button is clicked. The cooldown is reduced to 15 minutes for Discord server boosters, 10 minutes for Patreon supporters, and 5 minutes for players who are both Patreon supporters and Discord server boosters.